The Increasing Popularity of Directional Drilling

Directional drilling has been popular and widespread during these days. In fact, it has opened floodgates for commercial entities and homeowners who are in need for more utility installations from water, power, and sewer to telecommunications and gas. Access to directional drilling entails possibilities for utilities installation anywhere at minimal cost and reduced environmental disruption and impact.

Directional drilling is also referred to as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), an effective method of conduits and underground pipes installation on a prescribed path in the surface having minimal impact to the targeted area. Aside from water and oil wells, directional drilling is also being utilized for water lines, gas lines, sewer lines, power cable, conduits, telecommunications, and oil lines installations.

This particular type of drilling is also used in crossing roadways and waterways, congested areas, shore approaches or in any area where other applications are costly. Directional drilling can be utilized in other places due to the following reasons:

  • Lower cost
  • Reduced traffic disruption
  • Deepest and longest  installation possible
  • Short completion times
  • Access pit not required
  • Directional capabilities
  • Drilling option that is safe for the environment

Directional drilling can be utilized for wide range of conditions but individuals, especially those who are in drilling projects should keep in mind that this type of drilling is also subjected to some limitations. This process is efficient and reliable but sometimes difficult to handle especially on difficult and complicated ground formation. Good thing is that there are inclusive sets of modern drilling equipments that can be utilized in order to make the drilling process easier and quicker. Instead of spending long hours of drilling, this equipment speeds up the drilling process.

Directional drilling is an excellent option because of its low cost and impact to the environment. In order to achieve great results, it is essential to have accurate data, supporting equipment and sufficient space before directional drilling starts. The surprising benefits of directional drilling are also reasons of its increased popularity and wide application. These benefits include the following:

  • Quicker Installation-with reduced landscaping and environmental disruption.
  • Durability-for the pipes used during the installation are extremely strong and durable.
  • Low Installation Cost-for the drilling process requires less crew
  • Flexibility- for directional drilling can be done almost everywhere.

There have been countless directional drilling projects handled in the past and even up to now, more projects are expected. The benefits of this type of drilling are undeniably great and this has also helped countless individuals in many different ways.

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